October 22, 2018
As a law clerk with the Charleston. South Carolina law firm, George Sink, PA Injury Lawyers, Victoria Blatterman simply loves to help people. She and the firm work hard in its fight for those who have been seriously injured or disabled due to an accident caused by someone else’s negligence. Over the course of several decades, the firm has helped tens of thousands of injured parties in the Charleston area get the compensation they deserve from those responsible for their injuries and damages.

Victoria Blatterman

And make no mistake, Victoria Blatterman plays a critical role in helping injured clients arrange for the assistance they need to recover from serious injury and go one to rebuild their lives. Besides arranging for the medical assistance they need, Victoria also helps them account for their damages and losses, whatever they may be, since that is the only way to understand what proper compensation should look like. She helps account for medical bills, lost wages and other lost income, of course, but she can also account for such items as wheelchairs, ramps and other equipment, physical therapy and rehabilitation and, in some extreme cases, lifelong care and medical assistance.